14th WFTO Biennial Conferece to be held in Delhi

FTFI is co-organising the 14th WFTO Biennial Conference in 2017 to be held in Delhi, India. The Global Conference will be held in New Delhi from 09th to 12th of November 2017 , simultaneously with the 19th (IFOAM) Organic World Congress 2017 being organized at India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida. IFOAM and WFTO have agreed to use this unique opportunity to build synergies between the two movements and these two events. The delegates of the WFTO Global Conference will join the Organic World Congress for a day on 10th November, to participate in tracks focusing on topics relevant to both organizations.


This cooperation has already begun at with the programming of the Organic World Congress. The OWC will have four parallel conference tracks, and each of these tracks will have its own objectives and criteria.  One of these tracks is the “Marketing and Quality Assurance Track” which will be organized jointly by ICCOA/IFOAM  and WFTO, that will focus on innovative ideas for shortening the value chains, for systems that build trustful relations between actors, for promising marketing methods and for organic and Fair Trade alliance building.

Call for Papers
The Track Committee, of which WFTO is a member, calls for papers that are elaborating on these thoughts. There will be 12 sessions over the three days. Each session will have 3-4 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations. The Track Committee will screen received papers and invite selected speakers that are committed to participate in the OWC 2017. (Click to know more)





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