Call for Papers

The Track Committee, of which WFTO is a member, calls for papers that are elaborating on these thoughts. There will be 12 sessions over the three days. Each session will have 3-4 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations. The Track Committee will screen received papers and invite selected speakers that are committed to participate in the OWC 2017.

Submission Requirements:Submissions should be full papers of at least two, but no more than four, A4 pages. The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2016.More at:

You are invited to present a paper or pass this message on to people you think they are interested.

Themes of the sessions:

  1. Markets as engines of growth for the farmers in the organic and fair trade movements
  2. Alliances of organic and fair trade for sustainable market development
  3. Small is beautiful – success stories of farmers markets
  4. Local market vs export market
  5. Engagement with consumer and consumer organizations (or other networks of the civil society) to promote the organic and fair trade markets.
  6. Fair pricing and profit sharing along the supply chain from producer to retailer
  7. Use of modern communication technologies to shorten the supply chain from the producer to the consumer
  8. Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) – strengthening the grass root organic movement
  9. Innovations in PGS – wild harvest, processing & trade
  10. Case studies of further alternatives to conventional certification systems for organic and fair trade
  11. Opportunities and challenges in third party certification systems
  12. The future in integrity and trust building