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Extending invitation for your participation in ‘Kala Sante’

We are happy to extend the invitation from ‘Sabala Handicrafts’ for your most awaited event ‘KALA SANTE 2016’ at Bijapur campus, Karnataka. The event will take place from 24th to 28th November, 2016, a total of five days.

Kala Sante’ is an art and craft festival, providing opportunity to the producers/artisans to showcase and sell their product.

As most of you are already familiar with the event and you regularly participate in it, here we would like to share the invitation from SABALA.

The previous year’s Kala Sante witnessed 14 stalls from different crafts with a footfall of more than 8,000 people and a sale of over 12 lakh in five days.  This year Sabala is working to make the event better and attractive.

Please find the attached invitation card from Sabala for more details and get yourself registered as early as possible before the stall distribution closes/ends.

Kala Sante event invite-Sabala

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sabala is a member of Fair Trade Forum India, working with the tribal women in Bijapur.


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