Tree plantation on its 40th birthday by EMA

On 23rd August, 2016, Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) celebrated its 40th birthday at the campus by planting tree at the campus. They named the event as Fair Trade Day.  The team, staff and artisans formed human chains and discussed Ten Principles of Fair Trade.

With the objective to create social awareness about the importance of tree plantation, all the staffs and artisans had actively participated in this event.


The importance of tree plantation, afforestation, reforestation and benefits were discussed and explained by the team members at the beginning of the programe at the EMA Campus. Some of the EC members planted tree seedlings to mark the day a significant.

A rally was also conducted with the team holding banners of Fair Trade and Tree plantation around our office premises followed by photo session.With the support of local people the initiatives is taken up by EMA to protect environment by planting trees and increase awareness about the benefits of trees in our life and the role in maintaining the environmental balance. 


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