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FTFI welcoming its new intern from Germany

We are always proud to share our experience with interns and volunteers. We help them in connecting with our member organisations, to provide them a clear understating on how Fair Trade organizations are working and have a fair idea on the condition of the artisans at the grassroot level. It is always great to see their ideas and efforts for improvement, when they come up with surveys, research, reports etc.

This time we have a student-Carla from Germany, who is planning to do her specialization in Fair Trade Management.

Here is a brief note from her side-


My name is Carla, I’m from Germany and studied in Netherlands. Since three weeks I am interning with Fair Trade Forum India.

I am planning to do my specialisation in Fair Trade Management, which is why I took my internship with FTFI and it turns out to be a fair decision.

Carla with panchuji.png
Dr K. Panchaksharam and Carla. Carla got the opportunity to meet and interact with our board member Panchu ji, who is our guide and mentor in the journey of Fair Trade.

This is my second visit to India. In my last visit I did voluntary service in Karnataka with an NGO named Manuvikasa. They serve the FTFI members with similar services; like establishment of SHG’s business development training and provision of loans. Never the less, they were not as active in Fair Trade and the projects of FTF-I’s members are much diverse. I already learned many new things about the Fair Trade movement in India and the whole sector in general, because of the export that so many organisations are involved in. I’m always happy to hear when someone has connections to German organisations and hope that I will be participating in building more connections in the future.

During my time with FTF-I, I will do a lot of interviews and surveys with all the members about their activities in their organisations. I am looking forward to gather many more stories and experiences with Fair Trade and hope that it will help me in my upcoming studies.”


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