Products of our members doing well on the online market place : Ethniq Desi

FTFI is happy to share with you that our initiative under the BDS is doing very well for the benefit of our members. As per the orders from Ethinq Desi, the demand for the Fair Trade product is high. This is our open platform, if any of our members are still interested, they can get in touch with us.

As you remember, with our constant efforts to help members in a better way and stay connected with the world, we partnered with Ethniq Desi to extend the e-marketplace for our members. The platform is helping our members get a global reach and will increase the visibility for their products.

Several members expressed interest in being a part of this partnership, which was followed up with interactive session for all Delhi-based members who had expressed interest in selling their products through the e-marketplace.

Ethinq Desi, is a marketplace for curated Indian ethnic fashion for women, started by a group of women Entrepreneurs. The platform provides a good reach to the products made by the artisans, weavers, and organisations working at grassroot level.

They deal with women’s products like sarees, scarves/stoles/duppattas, readymade blouses and jewellery. Increased demand of online products from customers has given a new value to the use of online platforms.


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