Natural dye workshop: Kadam Haat

By: Kadam Haat

From 9th to 12th September two natural fiber dying workshops were held in two clusters in Cooch Behar. During that time the artisans learned an eco-friendly and sustainable way of dying the Shitelpati material.

In our craft cluster in Nayagram a Sabai Gras Design Development training and in Kolaghat a Bamboo Design Development Training was held from the 31st of August to the 05th of September and from the 14th to the 17th of September. It will help the artisans learn new skills and increase their confidence.

Kadam Haat1.png

On 9th of September 2016 we were invited by POLLINATE ENERGY, a solar light providing NGO, together with other local NGOs and about 12 professional international interns, exchanging our experiences and thoughts on social business and the challenges that accompany it.

Kadam Haat is a member of Fair Trade Forum India, based in West Bengal.


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