Business Development Services

FTF-I Collaborates with Association of Finnish World Shops to widen its reach into the Finnish Markets

FTF-I facilitated the meeting of Ms Heidi Heikkinen, Chair Finnish World Shops with its members under the Market Link Support service to help them gain a wider reach in the Finnish Markets. Mr. Iytha Mallikarjuna, President, FTF-I, Ms. Meenu Chopra, Executive Director, FTF-I and Ms. Moon Sharma, EC member, FTF-I attended the Meeting along with the representatives of the following member organizations- TARA Projects, Sasha Association for Craft Producers, Shilpa Trust, Jaipur Rugs, The Child Trust, Conserve, ILCA, JKSMS. The deliberations focused on strengthening the relations between Finnish Association of World shops and FTF-I, so as to explore markets for FTF-I members in Finland and neighboring countries. Heidi agreed to take a few samples from India, for testing in the Finnish markets. The members shared e-samples from which Heidi selected a few to take back with her. Ms Heidi Heikkinen visited the FTF-I office as a follow up to discuss various aspects of strengthening the collaboration. Samples submitted by members were handed over to her. She has agreed to share the samples, not only with Finnish World shops, but with other European buyers as well.


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