Conserve India Collaborates with The Child Trust for Clever Bud

Conserve India Collaborated with The Child Trust for the Clever Bud project conceptualised by the second generation leader of Conserve India Ms. Kanika Ahuja. The collaboration was aimed at setting up a Clever Bud plant at the school being run by The Child Trust and providing nutritious food, free of pesticides and insecticides, to the school children. The Collaboration was facilitated by FTF-I. Clever Bud took shape when the sustainable family’s clever bud realised that most of the health problems in the slum she was working, was due to the malnourishment. Ms. Ahuja in order to find a sustainable solution came up with Clever Bud system which is based on Polyhouse farming and simplified Hydroponics. The system promises a yield that is three-to-five times faster than traditional farming. The quality of crops also improves drastically. Conserve India has setup 3 CB plants on a pilot basis in the slums of Bahadurgarh which are maintained and operated by the women of these slums. CB team has successfully been able to verify the high yield of the system, which not only has a higher growth rate of crops than conventional farming and is highly nutritional but also the vegetables thus produced are way tastier!

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