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Visit to Fair Trade Member organizations

With the aim of interviewing different Social Entrepreneurs, Jessica, our intern from Argentina, visited SETU- The Bridge to Artisans and JKSMS in Jaipur and Sadhna in Udaipur, Rajasthan. During her visit to SETU, she got to know about the different plans being implemented in the rural communities and how the impact is measured very carefully through a system created by the organization. While visiting JKSMS she got to know how the organization handles to create impact in different fields, focusing on children, and she shared a dinner with the orphan girls from the house that JKSMS has.

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In Udaipur, Jessica met the producing centre of Sadhna, where several people handle the whole production chain, from the rough materials until the package is ready to go and to export, in some cases. Three organizations working towards different goals but with the same objective in common: to generate social impact and improve life quality.

Fair Trade Travelogue

Visit to Fair Trade Member Organisation

Ms Jessica visited West Bengal in the month of June where she spent quality time interacting with few FTF-I members in Kolkata- AIM, Kadam Haat, CRC Exports and Sasha with the purpose of conducting a research and getting to know more about the programs conducted by the different organisations. She also had a wonderful time of interaction… Continue reading Visit to Fair Trade Member Organisation

Fair Trade Travelogue

Visit to Fair Trade Member Organizations

Fair Trade Forum India recently arranged a visit of its communication team to the member organizations. Our team members Sadhna Arya and Amy Mookerji profoundly performed by exchanging the experience from our member organizations, Himalayan Fair Trade Handicraft Pvt. Ltd., Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti at Dehradun and Vande Matram Kunj, Haridwar, divine centre from 28th… Continue reading Visit to Fair Trade Member Organizations