Earth Day celebrations at CRC

Like every year, CRCians chose to be ‘powerless’ for two hours on Earth Day 22 April! From planting Fair Tree to saving water to going paperlow(we aim to go paperless though), we have done it all, always, says CRC team. The office turned off air conditioners, switched off lights and took no print-outs. We will… Continue reading Earth Day celebrations at CRC


Re-used and recycled handmade products to attract consumers

Sasha presented re-used & re-purposed, eco-friendly handmade products at its shop from 22nd February, 2016. Sasha gave the ideas and inspiration to the people on how to decorate their houses with the recycled products.



Kitchen textiles with gorgeous matching collections of tea-cosy pot holders, apron, oven gloves were displayed. Followed by Mural Paintings by differently able individuals from Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and FMR Ashaniketan were presented and designed on the walls on 27th February at Sasha.


Sasha, also presented its wide range of clothes and food items from RASA in the Health Collective at Horticulture Garden on 25th March, 2016 from noon 12 to 11 PM. Sasha offers the best decorating ideas for a cosy reading nook also.


Skill Enhancement Training: AIM

With a purpose to enhance the skills of the artisans, AIM organized a class on Entrepreneurship Development by experts from ATDC, Kolkata. The classes were conducted for the artisans at Moram, Return to Nature & Tradition, Cutting & Tailoring. Artisans were taught different methods and skills of handling the work/business. It was a good practical training session for women artisans and will help them handle responsibilities while working. AIM organized this workshop to enhance the understanding of Entrepreneurship Developmental skills among the artisans.

Artisan Well new.jpg

AIM works in 500 villages with more than 50,000 artisans in Kolkata. They make handmade products of the folk & tribal artisans of India with an objective to generate livelihood, sustainability and fair wages for these artisans.

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‘Aakarshan 2015’, an exhibition cum sale of ethnic art and craft products

‘Aakarshan 2015’, exhibition cum sale of ethnic art and craft products held from 07th August 2015 to 09th August 2015 in Kolkata. Kadam Haat presented to the visitors best of the products for home décor and garden, all from grass bamboo growing locally in the West Bengal. An astonishing variety of indigenous and hand crafted items were displayed in the exhibition. It was good promotion event for promoting art and craft as well as service to the needy people. Aakarshan 2015 was the 17th edition and became a regular feature in the social calendar of Kolkata. The exhibition was inaugurated at 11 am on 07th July, 2015 which was organized by Kolkata Ice Skating rink.

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Activities from Sasha Fair Trade

Sasha Fair Trade at Dastkar, Gali-e-Khas, Nature Bazaar

Sasha presented Kantha embroidered home furnishing, beautiful stoles, garments & trendy bags in ‘Gali-e-Khaas’ exhibition at Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Anderia Modh, Delhi from 04th July to 19th July, 2015.

Sasha at Crafts of Bengal

Sasha in association with Bangla Natak Kolkata presented ‘Crafts of Bengal’ from 10th to 16th August, 2015 at Sasha shop. Ethnic character handmade dolls from Natungram, Agradeep from Bardhaman were displayed in the exhibition. Craft demonstration on weaving by Sital Pati Weavers was also enjoyed by visitors on 12th and 13th August 2015.

Sasha at Dessert Crafts exhibition

Sasha being very active and exited to work for the artisans participated in Dessert Crafts exhibition in Dastakar, Nature Bazaar from 21st August to 31st August, 2105 in New Delhi. Sasha store provided a wide variety of products in their collection of handmade Sarees, beautiful stoles and trendy accessories.